Restoration Ministries — Renew. Rebuild. Restore.

Branding & Identity, Websites & Digital Platforms


For over 30 years Restoration Ministries has served Chicagoland’s Harvey neighborhood and beyond through programs designed to help people overcome addiction and poverty.

Looking to define the Restoration Ministries brand in order to help it grow, ministry leadership needed a rebrand that would help the organization reach those in need, as well as new donors and volunteers. We developed a comprehensive strategy rooted in a new core message—Renew. Rebuild. Restore.—that gives the brand a compelling way to talk about its hope and optimism about the future; its desire to change lives and communities; and its faith in God, self, and the goodness of others.

The new visual identity represents that sense of support, warmth, and hope through color, and shapes that are reminiscent of a sunrise and the hope of a new day. Photography featuring members of the Restoration Ministries community captured the heart and soul of the organization, and an informative, inviting website enables people to quickly find the help they need.


Brand strategy
Website design + development
Brand awareness campaign